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An innovative living green feeder for coop and run kept chickens.

Rob Bob If you are keeping chickens in a coop and run situation you have probably noticed that they make quick work of devouring every living green they can get their greedy little beaks on. The is one of the … Continue reading

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Grow gourmet Mushrooms at home- DIY method

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Aquaponic Greenhouse Update- Catastrophic failure.

Ok, that is a bit a of a dramatic title….but I am sure the fish would consider it to be catastrophic, since they are all dead. It turns out that the tank heater I had put in the tank couldn’t … Continue reading

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Mark Shepard of New Forest Farms describing alley cropping in the savanah

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What if we change? The perennial paradise at Zaytuna Farm

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Jerome Osentowski talking about all the amazing things he does in his greehouses. Make your own climate and grow anything.

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Growing food when you don’t have land.

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TEDx Joakim Hauge -Greening the Desert

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5 acre commercial Permaculture orchard in Quebec. Miracle Farms. Tweet it

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Permaculture Puritism and Appropriate Technology

So I had a conversation with a friend today, and this gentleman owns 10 acres of land. He also has a fairly serious interest in Permaculture and self sufficiency. During our talk, I found that a lot of what he … Continue reading

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Beekeeping without chemistry- Michael Bush, Treatment free bees.

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Vertical aquaponic greenhouse farm in Wyoming.

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