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Nova Episode on Fractals and Mandlebrot- The key to understanding designing with patterns

Maverick If you really want to understand the benefits of edge, with regard to space utilization and energy transfer efficiency, begin with fractals. This is designing with patterns in Permaculture. Tweet it

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DIY seed sprout fodder for your urban livestock- reduce pelleted food.

Sarah Cuthill Here is a great way to reduce your feed expenses and the amount of support you give to feed processors. Your chickens, rabbits or goats will enjoy eating high protein seed sprouts much more than that pelleted food … Continue reading

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Willy Smits Ted Talk on Rainforest restoration.

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DIYFS Podcast #8 Energy Audit: Assessing Our Productivity

In this episode we discuss the Energy Audit, what it is, how to conduct one and what to do with the information afterword.   Tweet it

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Building with cob

LasquetiDude This video shows some techniques for stacking, packing and building with cob. I don’t think it will come back into fashion to build with this material in the urban environment, but it makes great sense in rural conditions as … Continue reading

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P Allen Smith doing urban goats.

Farm Raised Channel Tweet it

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Scott Pittman talking about the urgency needed in Permaculture.

Bruce Weaver Here is a short interview segment put together by Bruce Weaver, where he went out to talk to Scott Pittman, who is the North American Representative for the International Permaculture Institute. I post this not for its informational … Continue reading

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Stopping Bee Colony Collapse Disorder with Permaculture Principles.

Permies This video from Paul Wheaton of Rich Soil‘s youtube channel, is simply the best explanation of what is happening with colony collapse disorder. The best part is the USDA has finally (three years later) acknowledged the correctness of these … Continue reading

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Here is a demonstration of a large vermicomposting set up.

Earthway Experience Permaculture Center Tweet it

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Jack Spirko ( @JackSpirko ) and Perma Ethos ( @Permaethos ) are taking the PDC experience to the next level.

I saw this trailer the other day and I have to say wow! What a great way to accelerate transition on a large scale. This is a game changer for Permaculture. If this Model works it should be replicated everywhere. … Continue reading

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DIYFS Podcast #7: Interview with Andrew Distelrath of Distelrath Farms

Not too long ago I had the pleasure of both observing a kindergarten tour of Distlerath Farms and sitting down with Andrew Distelrath to talk about their urban farm and its various operations. Over the course of the interview we … Continue reading

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A place for announcements, news releases, new Permaculture ideas, or ventures related to the local food movement and Permaculture.

Yesterdays announcement of the new farm and arts market here in Indianapolis reminded me of part of my mission here. We aren’t just about talking about our view points and putting out tons of educational material. Yes those are the … Continue reading

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Indianapolis is getting a new Farm and Arts Market!

Linda Proffitt of Global Peace Initiatives announced yesterday that the long awaited GPI Farm and Arts Market will be openingĀ at the Marion county Fairgrounds on June 1, 2014. Here is the information I took the liberty of lifting from Linda’s … Continue reading

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A great explanation of intensive bed gardening from Oklahoma Gardening.

Oklahoma Gardening Tweet it

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Here is a compact self watering garden system- perfect for balcony growers and upcyclers!

Larry Hall Here is a small scale self watering garden system that is perfect for people who are trying to do some gardening in very limited space. What really makes it nice is that it is constructed of materials that … Continue reading

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