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Duty in wartime? Hey we are at war, raise some chickens.

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An example of a Permaculture garden in Canada

(Barb Hazenveld) This video is posted to show how full of food a simple suburban yard can be. Barb oversimplifies Permaculture by reducing it only to eats food production applications, but since that is the focus of our site, that’s … Continue reading

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Upcoming workshop: Options and Considerations for Raised Bed Gardens

First the nitty gritty: This is a FREE two hour workshop which focuses on planning and implementing a raised bed garden based on your site and its specific needs; rather than taking a one size fails all approach. During this … Continue reading

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Container gardens- building a garden barrel.

(Scott Haydens “Around The Home”) This video gives great step by step instructions on how to build a garden tower out of a food grade barrel. These garden barrels are a great re-use of what would otherwise be a land … Continue reading

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Reason for Permaculture (besides food)- Fossil Fuel Shortage, aka peak oil

I have been thinking about writing (or doing a podcast) along these lines for a while. The original plot was to do a podcast that talked about a whole bunch of different reasons that we should start apply the design … Continue reading

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DIYFS Podcast #25- Interview with Sue Spicer and Kay Grimm of Fruit Loop Acres

Here is an interview with the owners and managers of a 1 acre Permaculture Food Forest right on the near eastside of Indianapolis Indiana. During this interview we discuss Fruit Loop Acres (in depth), Permaculture design principles, practical applications of … Continue reading

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Reducing Recidivism by Raising Resilience with Regenerative Agricultural Education

Endangered Ideas I don’t know if it worse that I used alliteration in a title (and badly) or that I failed doing it by running out of R words. My failures aside check out this video. This work is just … Continue reading

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We Compost Weekend In Auckland NZ. – A neat way to encourage composting.

We Compost Weekend from We Compost on Vimeo. Most of my audience spends their days and nights in the north AND the western hemispheres… so the only reason I am posting this is because I think it is a neat … Continue reading

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