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Perennial Staple Crops with Eric Toensmeier

(Eric Toensmeier) One of the common barbs tossed at Permaculture is a lack of staple crops. Well once again Eric Toensmeier has stepped up to provide a lot of good research and information of perennial plants that can fulfill this … Continue reading

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Decomposition and Nutrient Cycling

If you really want to understand the full nutrient cycles of nature….and if you want to design regenerative systems you need to understand it….check out this video. Tweet it

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John Kohler from “Growing Your Greens” talking about pest control in your garden.

(Growing Your Greens) I can’t say enough about the great work John Kohler is doing to educate people about organic growing methods.  The methods of pest control he talks about in this video are pretty much what we would recommend. The only … Continue reading

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Joel Salatin talking about Holistic Management

Savory Institute Tweet it

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DIYFS Podcast #29 Interview with Eric Toensmeier

This weeks podcast is an interview with Eric Toensmeier. If you have found yourself asking the question what can I plant, and how do I build guilds of perennial plants, then you need to know more about this man and … Continue reading

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Savanna Institute is making the regenerative agriculture of the next century happen now.

Savanna Institute – Case Study Program from Tory Dahlhoff on Vimeo. Here is another great organization that is moving agriculture back in the right direction. We can produce enough food without destroying the environment, we just have to make some … Continue reading

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