Advanced Permaculture Design Course with Peter Bane in Akron, Ohio.

So I haven’t, been as active on here as I would like of late….and that will be changing soon. I fully intend to get back on the podcast and share all the great info I find…but I have a few more things to do so that my life is structured so that I can devote the time that this project deserves.

That said, the reason I am breaking my hiatus to post is that Peter Bane is putting on a 6 day Advanced Permaculture Design Course in Akron, Ohio from November 8th through the 13th.

So, if you have taken your PDC and would like to take your design skills to the next level…I would highly suggest taking this opportunity.

Here is a link to Permaculture Activist where you will find the details about this and other courses they offer.

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