AGRO-HAcking Concepts and Principles (full playlist)

(Advancing Eco Agriculture)

Permaculture by any other name, is Permaculture all the same.  As anyone who has been around the site for a while will tell you, I am not one to get too wrapped in titles, or even details…well at least not the ones that don’t under our goals. My point is I am seldom looking for perfection. I take the position that in order for our goals to be met, the ideas permaculture must be spread fast and wide. To that end I frequently interview urban farmers and food activists that are not doing things exactly the Permaculture way. This series of videos is the opposite. The gentleman works with what appears to be a completely different system, which could easily be mistaken for Permaculture in both its stance  and techniques. I say “bully” to him….we need movement not titles.


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