An invitation to all urban permaculturists.

Here at DIY Food Supply, our primary focus is on bringing permaculture to the city.

Our way of thinking has led us to believe two things that resulted in this occupation.

1. Applying permaculture to the urban environment has the potential to significantly change political, ecological and wealth imbalances.

2. After reviewing some things we find that food security in the city (even/especially in largely industrialized nations) is incredibly low. Safe healthy food and water basically have to be trucked in. They are not available in large enough quantities, and have a price point which results in people choosing to eat things which are less healthy instead. This is on top of the fact that the system of trucking it in is insecure on about 20 different levels and could easily be disrupted which would result in mass starvation in the cities.

So that’s the whole of why our focus is on urban permaculture…now on to the invitation.

As we are making our experiments happen and talking about the possibilities, people need to see results. Just mine are not gong to be enough.

So I would like to invite all of you out there, working hard to make yourselves and your communities more independent… to share pictures, videos and stories of your gardens, city kept livestock and micro food forests with the world via this site.

If you choose to send them, please include your website links and any contact information you would like to share so that we can post it accordingly.

Please send all submissions to

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