Aquaponic update

So recently I wrote about how all but one of my tilapia had died…and the last four had died because one of them became incredibly aggressive. I attributed it to being caused by the small size of the school. It turns out that I was wrong.

You see, when I was down to the last five I thought that I had observed some mating behavior. A couple of the Tilapia were hovering around the bottom, dancing about and occasionally going mouth to mouth. I have kept enough gourami and cichlids to know that this is what is happening…but it abruptly stopped, and I forgot about it as the aggresive murders began.

Today we go out to feed the fish and check on the greenhouse plants, and wooolah- somewhere in the area of a dozen young swimming about. They are about an inch long and have apparently been hiding in the lone tilapias mouth until now.

While this is awesome, it also poses a major problem. I don’t have an indoor tank, and there is no way I can keep the greenhouse above 55 degrees all winter in Indiana just on sun alone. If I want to keep these as a breeding set I will need to find a cost effective way of overwintering.

We will let you know if we find one.

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