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A video tour of the Sunnyside Permaculture Farm

Barbara Jackson This video is not deep on explanation but is still a good demonstration of what can be done with a mid sized property. This Permaculture farm has good diversity¬† and utilizes polyculture techniques while still being organized well … Continue reading

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DIYFS Podcast #9 : Beginners Angst

This Podcast is one I thoroughly enjoyed writing and recording. Basically, it came to be like this. Attainable Sustainable , which I subscribe to through facebook (here is theirs), posted a question to their readers asking what was holding them … Continue reading

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Here is a demonstration of a large vermicomposting set up.

Earthway Experience Permaculture Center Tweet it

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Compost is the theme of the week! DIY compost tumbler.

The Crunchy Housewife Even having a tumbler, I personally think an open compost pile is just easier to manage. That said, if you live somewhere that having an open pile is problematic…because of HOA’s, excessive critters or you just want … Continue reading

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How to make an easy worm composting bin.

The Productive garden Want worm castings, but don’t want to pay the premium for them at the garden store? Well like usual there is a DIY solution. The guys over at The Productive Garden put together a nice little instructional … Continue reading

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DIYFS Podcast #5 Interview with Maggie Goeglein Hanna of Fall Creek Gardens

This weeks Podcast is a lengthy (about an hour twenty minutes) interview with Maggie Goeglein Hanna over at Fall Creek Gardens. Normally I would trim down to under an hour, but I felt like it was worth keeping the continuity … Continue reading

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Marjorie Wildcraft discussing vermicomposting with Peter Paul

This particular system looks a little labor intensive, but goes to show how simple a worm composting system can be. Tweet it

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