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Reason for Permaculture (besides food)- Fossil Fuel Shortage, aka peak oil

I have been thinking about writing (or doing a podcast) along these lines for a while. The original plot was to do a podcast that talked about a whole bunch of different reasons that we should start apply the design … Continue reading

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Tropical Greenhouse in Alliance Nebraska

Russ Finch Here is another example of what I consider to be a good use of technology that doesn’t fit neatly into the Permaculture toolbox. The reason it doesn’t fit is because one of our primary design principles is to … Continue reading

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For all those out there that think they don’t have the resources to be food/energy independent.

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A fresh look at Zaytuna Farm (Geoff Lawtons Permaculture center)

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A video tour of Zaytuna Farm (Geoff Lawtons permaculture demonstration farm)

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Algae Aqua-Culture Technology “AACT” – Worthwhile “green” investment.

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