DIY Food Supply news of the week.

So I titled this like it was some big breaking event or maybe even a recurring article.

Neither is true.

I guess I can report that the March Against Monsanto appears to have gone off without a hitch today.

Protestors were not sprayed with glyphosate and Monsanto kept feeding us a variety of toxins, so we will call it a wash.

The actual purpose of the little blurb is actually just to tell you that the DIY Food Supply Podcast is being moved to Wednesdays.

Don’t call me lazy, this one has been ready for almost two weeks. I just noticed that Sundays are one of the slower traffic days for my site and while hoping this was not because I am that horrible of a podcaster I did some research.

Apparently it is typical for Sunday to be a slow traffic day. The research offered nothing on the quality of my pods…so we will switch days and see if they still get low traffic counts.

So go protest the lack of perennial plants in your yard by planting some. Have a great day.

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