DIY Food Supply Podcast #3: Keeping Backyard Chickens

In this weeks episode, Robb takes a quick look at Backyard Chickens. Going over the basics on  topics such as feed, water, hygiene and housing needs. But not before having abit of a confessional as to the quality of the podcast and the need to continually improve.

Halfway through the podcast there is a bit of more in depth conversation on the virtues and vices of the four acceptable (by my own accounting) methods of keeping chickens. Those methods are coop and run, free range, tractoring and rotational pasturing.

In the third segment of the show he talks some about the methods he is using for keeping his own chooks, with a light discussion on how they integrate into his urban permaculture garden.

Finally in wrap up there is a hint of things to come, interviews of local movers and shakers in the Indianapolis local food movement, oh my!

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