DIY Food Supply’s latest news.

I haven’t been near as lazy as my lack of posting seems to indicate.

It turns out that there are only so many hours in a day and even when we use our time well, we can’t fit everything in.

Here is what is going on here at DIY Food Supply right now.

Over the weekend I was out at the Marion County Fair helping out at Linda Proffitt’s Peaceful Grounds, where I had the opportunity to take in a 2 hour talk from Growing Power’s own Will Allen, witness the grand opening of the Peaceful Grounds Farm and Arts Market (noon to four pm every Sunday all year) and take part in a composting & soil building workshop given by Will Allen as well.

As a result of these interactions I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Allen and will be putting that up as our podcast offering this Wednesday.

The aquaponic system at the Peaceful grounds site continues to develop and it is looking like we will have the opportunity to put in a second (and different style) system to contrast their operations. Nothing like an experiment where you get the opportunity to demonstrate how many different ways you can skin a cat.

In other news I am currently involved in a project with Rick Beach of Wolf-Beach Farms and Al Bush.  Basically what we have is a local resident (Al Bush) on the near north side of Indianapolis who wants to create a foodscape and learning space to help enrich his community. It is a young enough project it hasn’t even been named yet, but it looks like a promising opportunity to proselytize the good word about the very real possibilities about retaking control of our food, our economies and our lives.

Also, an Indianapolis Permaculture group that has recently formed had our first informal get together and meet and greet. It was  pleasant evening and some of us had the chance to get to know each other, so networking wise is was a great success. Now we just need to build on that and further develop our community locally.

The final piece is hope for all those that think that their government is not interested in our views. Well maybe not all government, but at least the city government in Indianapolis is paying attention to the fact that we have views. Time will tell if they really care about them. The reason I say this is because our recent articles (Indianapolis be Alert! your city is being rezoned,  Indianapolis Rezoning Revisited, and Indy Rezones impact on urban agriculture in Indianapolis) about our fair cities recent efforts to rezone have been noticed and read by some of the zoning committee. The result of this is that they have shared some places that they feel I may have misplaced my ire (which I will be looking into over the course of the day and writing about for tomorrows article), invited me to continue giving feed back, and asked that the broader community do so as well.

That the kind of work we have going on here in Indy, have a great day.

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