DIYFS Podcast #13- Interview with Rick Beach of Wolf Beach farms and the 2 Midwest Guys Podcast

This Podcast was a lot of fun and a total pain to record. I think we ran into every technical difficulty that you can have and still manage to record. The good news was Rick was a great sport and we managed to cover a broad array of subject matter.

In this podcast we discuss the operations at the urban farm on the south side of Indianapolis that he runs with his wife. In that we covered his ducks, chickens, rabbits, and plans to move into dairy goats. We also covered a wide variety of perennial plants they grow including an extensive herb garden and several hard to find (at least in Central Indiana) varieties such as Goji Berry and hardy kiwi. Finally we spent some time discussing his outdoor aquaponic set up.

Besides the urban farm we talked a bit about the podcast he and his other partner Dustin Schwartz have created as a voice for average Midwestern guys. Of course a frequent subject of theirs is self sufficiency and Permaculture.

Before during and after these two subjects we share some of our own views on Permaculture, its practices and where we think it is going.

Enjoy the show.

2 Midwest Guys

Wolf-Beach Farms

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