DIYFS Podcast #14- Talking aquaponics with Glynn Barber, President of the Indiana Aquaculture Association

So a little while ago I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with Glynn Barber, who is the President of the Indiana Aquaculture Association and the inventor of ECSIA.

During the interview we discussed aquaponics from a variety of angles including: localizing food networks, food safety, some ways of improving nutrient uptake by the plants (like using mycorrhizal fungi in the system), eliminating pest issues, function and yield stacking with aquaponics, the fact that plant yields outpacing fish yields 5 to 1, the benefits of a raft system over rock substrates and NFT, and the workings of his ECSIA system.

In addition to all that aquaponic fun we talked about the state of our current food system, and how aquaponics can work inside food localization efforts to fix it. We also touched on food safety in relation to plastics and off gassing, the business side of fixing our food system and using appropriate technologies to reduce oil consumption. Oh and lets not forget an invention that recycles plastic back into petroleum.

How’s that for loaded to the gills?

There are a couple of rough segues as there is lots going on up in Redkey, Indiana and most of it requires Glynn’s attention, but worry not this interview is well worth what little distraction that provides. I hope you enjoy it as well as I did.

If you would like more information on the Indiana Aquaculture Association or the Environmentally Controlled Sustainable Integrated Agriculture (ECSIA) just click the links you just read.

Also if you would like to read the book on Aquaponics that Glynn recommended, it is available here.

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