DIYFS Podcast #17- Interview with Will Allen of Growing Power

Over the weekend I had the privilege of interviewing Will Allen of Growing Power.

During this interview we discussed the current state of food production and the need for urban farming both as a catalyst for improved health and inner city economics.

We talked extensively about soil, compost and aquaponics.

During the interview we also touched on an conference going on November 7-9, 2014 during which Mr. Allen will be discussing the state of agriculture with none other than Michael Pollan. The conference will also feature workshops on: Urban Aquculture, Urban Farming, Youth, Government, Education, Fundraising, Universities, Medical, Food and Technology, Food Policy, Growing Food and Justice for All Initiative (GFJI), International (Food and Farming Around the World), Food, Land and Architecture

We also spent some time talking about the educational opportunities at Growing Power in Milwaukee and at its 15 regional learning centers.

We had this conversation at one of Growing Power’s regional facilities here in Indianapolis, known as Peaceful Grounds. This facility is new to the city and is housed at the Marion County Fairgrounds.

Robb Smith, Will Allen, Linda Proffitt
Here is your host, taking advantage of a photo op with Will Allen and Linda Proffitt.

I would be remiss if I left off without mentioning Will’s book, “The Good Food Revolution” which is available through Amazon

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