DIYFS Podcast #19- Interview with Andrew Brake of Naptown Chickens

Recently I got to sit down with Andrew Brake of Naptown Chickens and talked about a wide variety of urban homesteading topics.

It may be a bit of a surprise but the majority of our conversation centered around chickens, and what Naptown Chickens does to put them into schools where they are used as community builders and educational tools. During this talk we cover every aspect of the business, from how he first got into keeping chooks, to how it grew into a business, how it is fundedĀ and the type of impact this work is having on the community.

We also spent some time talking about another related business he is partnered in known as Agrarian Urban Homestead and Supply. This is a smallish shop located at 49th and College in Indianapolis that specializes in all the supplies you could need to get started in most Urban Homestead ventures. In addition to the supplies you need, they also hold educational workshops for people who are interested in canning, chickens, bee keeping, candle making, goats and other self sufficient skills.

Finally we spent some time discussing our views on the Indianapolis’ current rezoning effort. Which by the way, there is a comment meeting at city market about this at noon and another at the Purdue Extension Office (State Fairgrounds) at 5:30 this afternoon. Stop by and see what is going on if you can.

So put on your headphones, give us a listen and get back to work.

If you would like to know more about Naptown Chickens or Agrarian Urban Homestead and Supply, click on their names and visit their respective websites. Workshop information can be found on the Agrarian page.

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