DIYFS Podcast #21- Interview with Kate Franzman of Bee Public and Growing Places

A couple of weeks ago I got to sit down with Growing Places resident bee keeper and urban farmer Kate Franzman. The subject of our conversation was bees.

We talk about their life cycles, how to keep them healthy, Colony Collapse Disorder, the effects of Neonicotinoids, harvesting honey, hive types(including Kate’s favorite the langstroth), overwintering and general bee care. We also spent some time talking about her projects with Bee Public and Growing Places.

While we were discussing CCD, Kate referred to an article in the NY Times. Here is that article.

If you would like know more about Bee Public or Growing Places just click on their name to go to their website.

Oh, and here is a picture of Kate showing us how mellow honey bees really are.

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