DIYFS Podcast #25- Interview with Sue Spicer and Kay Grimm of Fruit Loop Acres

Here is an interview with the owners and managers of a 1 acre Permaculture Food Forest right on the near eastside of Indianapolis Indiana.

During this interview we discuss Fruit Loop Acres (in depth), Permaculture design principles, practical applications of integrated pest management, their novel approach to bee keeping, plant succession, dealing with zoning issues, identifying and filling niches, and an impressive number of community resilience efforts these two ladies are spearheading on the near east side.

We also talked briefly of their need to fill and develop a “share cropper” position or two at their urban farm…give the show a listen and see if it might be the opportunity you have been looking for.

Here are some links to Sue and Kay’s projects.


Basic Roots Community Foods


Fruit Loop Acres


Green Shepard Project

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