DIYFS Podcast #29 Interview with Eric Toensmeier

This weeks podcast is an interview with Eric Toensmeier. If you have found yourself asking the question what can I plant, and how do I build guilds of perennial plants, then you need to know more about this man and his work.

We begin the interview by briefly discussing each of his three books:
Edible Forest Gardens (with Dave Jacke), Perennial Vegetables, and Paradise Lot.

From there our talk steers into a conversation about several types of perennial vegetables that grow in temperate climates and the nutritional value of them. We specifically discuss several that have a high level of proteins and iron content, which would be of great value for VEGANS and vegetarians who would like to produce large portions of their own greens and reduce their dependence on land degrading soy production.

As part of that conversation we discuss some novel ways of preparing leafy vegetables, including a method of making a cheese/tofu textured product out of leafy greens that’s flavor can be as varied as the concentrated plant materials and seasonings that are available to you.

We then move into Eric’s work with Nuestras Raices, and some of the challenges and rewards of working to develop urban farming and specifically with different ethnic groups.

The next thing on the agenda was Eric’s current project…which is a book about many of the Permaculture practices that are being developed and put into service to the end of fighting climate change and creating carbon storage. During this discussion we talk briefly about some of the stacked benefits of these practices even if you still don’t believe that manmade climate change is real and can be corrected.

From there we moved into discussing some upcoming courses that Eric is teaching, including a Carbon Farming Course that he is one of several top level instructors who will be offering instruction.

Finally the interview is wrapped up with a short conversation about the Bio Shelter Greenhouse at Paradise Lot that was built by Eric’s Partner at “Paradise Lot”, Jonathon Bates. You can learn more about this well insulated greenhouse model at Permaculture Greenhouse.

Eric’s website is Perennial Solutions, and it is loaded with valuable information. including a list and links to nurseries around the country that carry many of the really hard to find plants that are sought after by Permaculturists.

He also has another site, which is a wiki that is dedicated to improving our knowledge base of perennial systems and guild building. It is the Apios Institute.

And just for the finish here are links to Eric’s books.


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