DIYFS Podcast #5 Interview with Maggie Goeglein Hanna of Fall Creek Gardens

This weeks Podcast is a lengthy (about an hour twenty minutes) interview with Maggie Goeglein Hanna over at Fall Creek Gardens. Normally I would trim down to under an hour, but I felt like it was worth keeping the continuity along with sharing all of the great info about the community gardens and operations associated with it.

We covered everything we could fit in about community gardens, their structures, how they operate, and some great ways people who want to can get involved. Like a lot of non profit organizations, it turns out they operate mostly on volunteerism and the goodwill of the neighborhood. Everything from help getting work done around the lot, to trees being donated by Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, to stocking the gardening library that they are trying to develop; depends on resources being given by people who want to build up their neighborhood and city.

During the conversation Maggie talked about some local contractors that helped with some major tasks for the gardens and I think it is appropriate to encourage that type of “put something back” behavior, so if you are in the Indianapolis Area and need roofing services, give Universal Roofing and Exteriors a chance to earn your business. In addition, if you need exterior materials for your buildings or structures Reese Wholesalers also walk the walk when it comes to putting back into the city where they work. There was another general contractor who does a lot of work with the gardens by the name of David Andrews, and if you would like to reach him he can be contacted through Fall Creek Gardens info below.

So besides me plugging do-gooders on the near north side of Indianapolis,  we also discussed classes on various forms of organic food production that are available through Fall Creek Gardens. If you are interested in looking in to these, their schedule is here.

Any inquiry or donations to Fall Creek Gardens can be directed to .

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