DIYFS Podcast #7: Interview with Andrew Distelrath of Distelrath Farms

Not too long ago I had the pleasure of both observing a kindergarten tour of Distlerath Farms and sitting down with Andrew Distelrath to talk about their urban farm and its various operations.

Over the course of the interview we talked about the various products they produce, how the farm is organized both for production and as a company, and their plans to provide a comprehensive education via farm operations for grade school children.

In addition to all of this Andrew took the time to explain their hybrid CSA/co op distribution model and we got to just chat some on our views on localizing our food production.

If you are interested in joining the work Co op or taking one of the workshops at Distlerath farms contact information is available at

If you would like to purchase a share in the CSA partnership between Distelrath Farms and Arlington Farms contact information can be found at Distelrath Farms or Arlington Farms websites.

Enjoy the Podcast.

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