DIYFS Podcast #9 : Beginners Angst

This Podcast is one I thoroughly enjoyed writing and recording.

Basically, it came to be like this. Attainable Sustainable , which I subscribe to through facebook (here is theirs), posted a question to their readers asking what was holding them back or causing them issues in their quest to continue forward in their quest for more self sufficient and sustainable lives.

As I read over the questions I noticed some recurring themes, and even though many of the questions got good answers from other readers, I thought it would be fun to discuss some of the most repeated problems, and offer suggestions on how to deal with them in a podcast…so I did.

Hopefully the guys over at Attainable Sustainable aren’t sore about it, because like always I did not warn them this was happening, and they will be finding out I chose their thread as a topic right after I post. I did however leave the names of any posters out of my podcast out of respect for their privacy.

Some of the issues discussed include: not having enough money for projects, being short on time, crazy weather, having enough space, zoning laws and HOAs, leasing vs owning land, lack of equipment, not enough direct sun, water issues and draught, extreme heat and wind, weeds, pest bugs, and a lack of how to.

Like you have come to expect of me, I do not sugar coat my answers and a couple of these were met with some rather harsh realities. All of my answers though are meant to encourage and hopefully show people that these problems are not insurmountable in our quest for sustainability or more self reliance. In fact all of these problems can becomes our strengths and advantages when we design our systems with Permaculture principles in mind.

Hopefully this podcast serves to get some folks over the hump so they can realize their dreams.

This website was also mentioned in the site for its forty foods that grow in shady areas.


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