Economist review of “Up in Smoke”, about Michael Hands trying to convince Honduran farmers not to slash and burn to farm.

American Hindi

When you watch this, you will realize how much these farmers sound like the chemically dependent farmers in the US.

We know it destroys soil. We have to grow like this to have food to eat. Don’t you understand?

We do understand, but we also understand that this planet and its natural systems are capable of producing massive abundance without oil.

Without stripping the soil of life.

Without poisoning ourselves with glyphosate and other chemicals.

Alley cropping of livestock and annual crops on rotation between productive trees and perennials, is the path to accomplish this on a broad acre scale.

On the urban side we have to make our selves as self sufficient as we can, so that we can reduce the level of input to us from the rural farms.

If you know a “real” farmer talk to him or her about alley cropping.

Either way, produce some of your own food.

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