Farming bedrock with seaberry and swales. Ben Falk

(Ben Falk)

First off, Ben Falk has tons of great information and he puts it out regularly. You should pay attention to his work.

Second I think this short video is a must see for anyone who complains about their soil conditions. Its too sandy. Its too much clay. Its all gravel. Dude has a lush pasture on bedrock!

It is all about using what is available to you where you are and finding ways to manipulate that environment. Make the observation both of the land and of the qualities and limitations of various crops and find the ones that fit. You can also build or modify your soil by giving nature the tools she needs.

Observe, Interact, Accept Feedback, Value the marginal, Creative use, Obtain a yield. Just a few of the ways Permaculture design can give you what you want.

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