Forget USDA organic- Check out Jack Spirko’s “Agritrue” truth in agriculture program.


In a world where USDA organic has had its meaning watered down and at a time when our lawmakers are in cahoots with “Big Ag” and working to keep us from being informed about what is in the food we eat…for our own good no less.

Out of that comes this concept, that like minded people could self report and peer review our food production standards and processes. Then the consumers can rate them as well.

I remember when Jack was first talking about this system on his podcast, and I have to tell you I really hope it catches on.

Imagine you are at the farmers market and there is a farmer you aren’t familiar with…maybe he is from the area but used to work a nearby market that you don’t usually go to. You don’t know what his values are, how he produces his food. You wonder are his chickens free range? Does he pasture his pork? Is he no till? Does he implement full Permaculture systems? Well rather than grill him for an hour you simply scan the barcode that is next to the logo on his sign…and the Agritrue app breaks down all of that info and more.

I don’t know what you think of it, but I think this is a great example of people getting tired of waiting for our government and the big corporations to do the right thing and just doing it ourselves.

good on ya, Jack!

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