Forums and Community

So I was considering adding a forum here at DIY Food Supply, then I remembered that I don’t have time to manage one, and I tend to lurk on forums quite a bit more than I participate. So even though I think that the type of community formed around them is valuable to the Permaculture movement as a whole, I also think it is obvious that I should not start a fresh one, just for it to turn to a cesspool of flame war with me basically ignoring it.

The conclusion I reached was that it would be much better to suggest to anyone who happens to read this that they join another forum, and see if I couldn’t motivate myself to participate in that one.

After a bit of looking around I came to the conclusion that this most inclusive, and best informed forum on Permaculture is Paul Wheaton’s out at Permies.

So I will be finally register over there (after lurking for a millennia) and I feel that if you want to have in depth conversations about all things permaculture and homesteading, you should too.

That is all.

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