Gary Null has made his movie “Seeds of Death” available in support of the March Against Monsanto

Gary Null

He does ask that you “like” the Seeds of Death FB page

As I said in the title, this release is done in support of the March Against Monsanto.

If you have been checking out the DIY Food Supply for more than 1 page view, you know that my modus operandi is more one of self developing action rather than public displays of fury and finger pointing/fist shaking. That said, I also take a Permaculture approach to everything so… I think it is a good idea to support this march more as a method of educating the public and creating awareness than really trying to change Monsanto and companies collective minds.

I say that with a small caveat though. If you want this march to be successful and you really want to make sure it makes a difference; once the march breaks up go to your local farmers market, road side stand, csa pick up point or TRULY organic grocer and clean off their shelves. Buy everything they have in stock. Then the¬†week after when you need groceries again…do it again.

That’s right folks, capitalism can be a weapon for us just like it is for them. So after the march take your hunger to your local producer and feed the wolf that we want to grow strong.

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