Getting back to our purpose.

Of late I have been getting caught up in more than a couple of side issues… fights, discussions and debates about regulations, the need for structures, and who should be doing what.

Now some of it makes sense. We have to work with our local government to try to keep the new zoning efforts from hampering our mission for instance. That is a debate that I will stay involved in for as long as needed.

On the other hand, and I think because that argument woke up my feisty gene, I have been getting drawn into other discussions which are not nearly as productive… or meaningful.

I mean really what matter is it to me if someone invents a commission that declares itself the licensor of titles in Permaculture. I can design without their permission regardless. I can teach short courses and workshops regardless, and all it takes to teach certification classes at this point is to register with PI or PRI Australia, and ignore the authorities that would be. Its not a problem if it doesn’t affect what you are trying to do.

The other small things I have been caught up in of late are the same… they don’t matter.

So I am going to refocus on doing what we do here at DIY Food Supply, and that is showing people the possibilities of producing a meaningful amount of their own food in an urban environment.

For those that are just finding us, the reason we have chosen this particular avenue of Permaculture to talk about is actually a list of reasons.

1. It where we are, and where you are is the best place to affect change.

2. Food is an easy access point to introduce the design system of Permaculture. Everyone eats.

3. I personally feel that local organic and regenerative food systems are where we will find the single largest reduction of fossil fuel usage. It also solves the problems of food deserts, creates local economy, reduces the need for row cropping, and removes toxic chemicals from our food production system.

So we are going to keep focusing our podcasts on food localization efforts (permaculture methods or not), and posting videos and articles that demonstrate how to accomplish these things…and just generally refocus on being a positive force rather than being wrapped up in all the gamesmanship and politics that large organizations tend to enjoy.

That said, its time to get out there and work on my own systems some.

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