Indianapolis be alert! Your city is being rezoned.

As we discussed in a prior article, Indianapolis is in the process of being rezoned.

If you care about neighborhood resiliency, decentralizing food production, and your cities ability to rehabilitate itself this matters to you.

Here is a link to the city planners website. Indy Rezone.

If you look about you will find you can log in and comment. There are also polls which seem to be updating fairly regularly. Even though the polls are structured to get the answers they want, I would suggest in registering and participating in both.

Some of the issues I see with this zoning model (and I have only given it a quick glance over at his point, I will update once I have a chance to read completely)

-poultry limitations in residential areas. We currently have animal cruelty laws which would prevent over stocking if enforced and noise ordinances which control the issues associated with roosters. This zoning change is unneeded.

-Zoning restrictions for food processing. I didn’t get deep into this one but it appears that processing your own crops for the farmers markets or as value added food items would be restricted to industrial areas only. I like mom and pop start ups and I know the state already requires a state certified kitchen (which you can do in your home), so if I am reading this one correctly I am absolutely against this.

-Most small agricultural business would be restricted to commercial or industrial areas. Based on the tables things like repairing small machinery, animal husbandry services, animal processing (this applies to rabbit and chicken production as well), artisanal production and pretty much any other small farm business that have been historically back yard businesses would be restricted to commercial or industrial zones as well…and only some of them.

Seriously Indy, this is a time when we need to do more to make our communities more self reliant and people need more opportunity to do things for themselves. Restricting the options people have for doing that does not make sense.

There are some good points to this rezoning package and when I get to read it in its entirety I will discuss some of those as well…but for now I want you all to give it a look and to actively feed back via the comments and polls so that our local government doesn’t mess this up.

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