Inspiration and a call for help from the “Urban Farming Guys”

A few short years ago, when I was first getting really interested in Permaculture and all the great changes our culture and society could experience just by people learning to provide for their own needs…especially food; I ran across a youtube video and website by The Urban Farming Guys.

At that time it was a small group of people with a couple of houses and lots they had bought in an severely blighted area of Kansas City growing some gardens and raising fish in aquaponics systems. But they were making a difference. When I saw the work they were doing, and what they had already accomplished; I knew my work was going to focus on what we can do in the urban environment. The level of cultural healing, the urban renewal, the building of local economy…all by educating and empowering an at risk community to provide for themselves… suffice it to say that these guys have provided a roadmap to rebuilding the most damaged parts of our cities.

Fast forward to now. They had made any major press releases in the last couple of years. I honestly assumed that they had burned out like so many other of these type projects…or lost through some of the other pitfalls that not for profits fall into.

And then I ran across this video.

It turns out, they have just been quietly doing their work, continuing to have a huge impacts in this neighborhood. Now they want to take it to the next level and put a “maker space” into that community and continue its growth spiral.

So check out the video. If you can donate. If you can’t, get inspired about what can be accomplished.

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