Just a DIY Food Supply update.

Not going to make a big post today, no videos, no podcasts.

Just letting you know big things are happening in Indianapolis, and they are happening everywhere I look.

Talked to some people I helped get into chickens last night, and I got to hear how they have already pushed the birds in every yard agenda, another flock started in Indy.

I just got back from interviewing Tyler Gough at Indy Urban Gardens and touring their farm right in the heart of the east side of Indianapolis. Had a great time and got my self fueled up by hearing how they are helping to feed some less fortunate folks on the eastside, not too mention helping others form community gardens and doing educational outreach. I was especially charged to hear how much support they are getting from the community and the city of Indianapolis itself. Its powerful knowing we don’t have to build community resiliency. It is already there. We just have to feed it. (laugh at my bad wordplay please)

From here I am heading down to Peaceful Grounds to put in some service and put in my tiny bit of effort to help Linda Proffitt with a couple of the dozens of projects she has going on down there.

Then this evening I have the pleasure of visiting someone who is looking to further develop their property and expand their CSA offering. Hopefully I will have some insights to help them design a system that fits their needs.

This is not my off day. The five days I spend at work are when I am off my game.

This is what I do. Care to join me?

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