Posting Policy

This is a bit of an outline as to how this site is structured and what content is included.

I frequently post items I find around the internet, which I feel will be valuable to the end of educating people about Permaculture.

When doing so, I DO NOT post anything which is clearly “premium” (paid) material from any website or book. I also do not make attempts to post anything where the embed code or like has been disabled. While that is easy to get around, it is also a clear sign that the owner of the material chooses not to have said material reposted.

If you run across materials you own on my site and would like them removed, or some consideration made; please contact me at . I will always at least provide a link back on the post if I know where to direct it to.

As for material I post; if it is online and you didn’t have to pay a fee to get it…repost away. I want to spread the word. I would hope you would provide a link back, but hey not everyone is going to do the right thing are they?

Any questions or complaints?




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