PSA: Why you should go out into your yard and plant some kind of vegetables right now:

This article/call to action will be brief and not all that deep.

Its just a thing I want to warn people of, without being alarmist I hope.

This article is about why you REALLY need to plant some veggies this year.
(and you are running out of prime season)

It’s not about GMO’s.

It’s not about our profane use of oil.

It’s not about building local economy.

It’s not about pesticides.

It’s not about food security.

It’s not about herbicides.

It’s not about the ecology.

It is as simple as it is being about your pocket book.

You see, as we frequently talk about on this site, a large percentage of our produce comes from the southwestern portion of the United States. That is to say specifically southern California and northwest Mexico.

If you were not aware, the draught in southern Cali continued over winter. It is to the point that the big aqueduct will not be supplying ANY water to the farms in the area.

Think about what that means.

That’s right, shortage.

Don’t get too freaked out, it doesn’t look like we are talking people starving in the cities shortage. On the other hand it isn’t exactly going to enhance food security either.

What is does look like is there will be enough of a shortage to drive up produce prices dramatically. To the tune of paying local/organic prices for crap that was trucked across the country after being sprayed with a chemistry experiment three times, harvested before its ripe by virtual slave labor, irradiated at the border and gas ripened at your favorite big box store. It might even be enough to fully double the price of produce.

While this sounds terrible, there is light at the end of the tunnel. You can avoid this financial hit by doing something very simple. Just install a four foot by four foot raised bed garden for each member of your household and plant your favorite veggies. But do it soon, the growing season isn’t going to get any longer.

Don’t get me wrong, that is not enough space to fully feed your household, although a good SPIN practitioner would make a good run at it in that space. What it will do is dramatically reduce your need to buy fresh produce at a time when the prices are going to be at their worst.

I really don’t want to say I told you so on this, so please take this bit of advice. Have a great day.

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