Services Available

Permaculture Landscape design

I offer full landscape design services. This service can include energy (specifically solar, precipitation and wind) mapping, mainframe design, water harvesting and storage, earth works planning, zone and sector analysis, nutrient flow plotting, planting guides, and full foodscape systems.

I specialize in working the edges of zoning and HOA regulations to allow you to fully benefit from these systems, without incurring legal hassles or the disdain of your neighbors.

Permaculture Design Consulting

In the event you are more DIY inclined and would prefer to work out the bulk of your design yourself; I also make myself available to assess, assist, and advise when you run into issues that you are not confident about resolving.

Workshops and Education

I am also available for workshops, speaking engagements and other educational opportunities concerning local food networks, urban gardening, limited resource production, community building and many other Permaculture related subjects.

Real Estate

During the year this site has been mildly dormant, I have been developing myself for a career in Real Estate. I am not leaving Permaculture, rather I wanted work that would give my schedule better flexibility for consulting, workshops and design services. Like all good Permaculture design, this move also has a wonderfully stacking function, in that I am now available to help Permies in Indiana find, finance (not personally but I am developing relationships with like minded mortgage bankers…they do exist) and purchase homes or land suitable for homesteading. If you would like to know more, you can visit my newest site Realty With Robb.


As this is more of a mission for me than a career path, you will find that my rates are highly competitive and flexible based on the goals, needs and resources available to the organization I am contracting with.


As always, the best way to contact me is via email at


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