Stopping Bee Colony Collapse Disorder with Permaculture Principles.


This video from Paul Wheaton of Rich Soil‘s youtube channel, is simply the best explanation of what is happening with colony collapse disorder. The best part is the USDA has finally (three years later) acknowledged the correctness of these assertions in various reports released throughout 2013.

Normally I shy away from posting Paul’s work as he has gotten a little touchy with people who disrespectfully post his material. I don’t think this posting should be an issue for a couple of reasons. The main being that this posting meets the criteria for posting he claimed to want (links not direct copies, and return links along with ownership acknowledgment) during a podcast, but also because I am sure that Paul wants the best information out there as I do. I actually decided to post this while in middle of writing a podcast on the subject. During this I remembered watching the video and decided that there was nothing to add to the conversation.

The sum of it all is simple. the bees can handle a lot. They cannot handle everything we are doing to them. allow them more natural healthy lives and they will do our work well and profitably. Stress them too much and they will succumb to disease and die. Just like everything else.

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