Taking homesteading and permaculture mainstream.

Here are two basic facts about all things homesteading and permaculture related.

1. Everyone who begins to do these things…to make themselves more self sufficient and sustainable benefits themselves and those around them.

2. These things are associated mainly with crackpots on the left hand right alike. (hippys and bomb shelter hoarders respectively)

I would love to see this change.

See, the fact of the matter is that much like during WW2, we all could use a little victory gardening. Growing some of our own food is not only easy, it is a great way to both reduce expenses and improve your health.

And that is the most basic idea involved in homesteading. Based on how my interest has grown though, I think once you make the leap you will be finding more and more ways you can save money (making your own laundry detergent for a fraction of the department store price for instance) and improve the way you are living.

So for all of you who are not either terrified of he government/the collapse of government AND/OR some sandal wearing dead follower…you know more average Americans..look into it a little…see how you can benefit.

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