The movie “Thrive”, a review and link to watch.

(THRIVE Movement)

For starters, I have to give a full disclaimer. About half of this movie is basically a summary of every major conspiracy theory on the internet today. Some of which I think are solidly based in fact and others…well they are conspiracy theories and I just don’t know. I am not going to outline which is which because that portion of the film is not why I am linking it or why I encourage people to support this organization and its ideals.

The reason I am providing the link and support, is because at the end of all that, this film very eloquently speaks to one of my core approaches to the worlds problems. DIY.

That’s right, they basically say “yes, all of these conspiracies are happening but you can do something about it.” . The something you can do about it includes but is not limited to changing our food system to make it more secure and health based. They take the same approach with security, energy, health and basically every other problem that we think we have.

So check it out, donate if you wish…and tell others about it. It is time for the world to be more about solutions. And as to the various conspiracy theories and whether you believe them or not… Mr. and Mrs. Gamble say it best in their disclaimer at the end of the film.

“Being included in THRIVE does not imply that those interviewed agree with all of the conclusions presented in this film, nor does it mean we agree with all of their perspectives.”

Focus on the solutions, not our interpretations of the problems.

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