The Pest Control Chicken

If you are an animal and environmental lover like myself, you may be the type to always keep your eyes peeled for new ideas to live an organic life. As a worker for a pest control company, and an environmental enthusiast myself, people always ask me, what is a great way to keep bugs and spiders out of my house without using toxic sprays or calling the exterminator regularly? The major piece of advice I am giving to others time and time again, is to look into getting a couple of chickens.Chicken Pest Control

Chickens are actually amazing pest exterminators. Their diet primarily consists of eating what they can pick out of the ground, or snag off of the ground. Having a couple of chickens to stand guard in the yard means you got some termite eaters, cockroach chewers, slug swallowers, snail suckers, tick tasters, and enjoy the bugs in your yard like beverages. Chickens do a lot more than just lay eggs and supply tasty meat for farmers. They really do some solid work around the land that they’re bawkin’ around on.

Chickens take out the bugs on your land, and work tirelessly to get their daily meals. They’re life goals are to pick out the next piece of food from the ground, so they can hurry to the next delectable delight. For those that have a larger number than the usual critter count on your land or inside your buildings, instead of hiring a pest prevention management crew to come regularly, think about hiring a couple chickens at the lowest wage imaginable at $0/hr. There really isn’t that much responsibility you will be undertaking with these chickens on your land, just be sure to keep an eye on them and ensure they’re not up to any funny business.

For those garden growers, we recommend one of three options to protect your garden from chicken manure or obstruction.

  • Install a chicken pen, and only allow chickens into your garden for a short time-frame daily.
  • Put your garden in a pen to prevent the chickens from sneaking into the garden.
  • Cut chicken wire and install it into your bed to prevent the chickens from ruining the soil around your garden, but still allowing the chickens a free roaming area.

I hope after this long description on the benefits of pest control you are getting out of chickens, you didn’t forget about possibly the most fantastic treat you are getting out of them. Eggs! You know how free roaming chickens on your hand, producing high quality organic eggs. Some chickens can lay up to an egg a day, so treat yourself to a helping of protein to start your day. These eggs are so much of a higher quality egg than you are getting from the non-organic eggs at the grocery store. Those eggs are often in a building locked up in a pen or cage in very close quarters with hundreds, sometimes thousands of eggs. The chance of salmonella is highly increased, and the quality of the egg is lower due to an out of shape chicken, and feed that is of lower quality nutritional value than what chickens normally eat.

The chicken provides many uses to us. The reason many societies really value what they provide. I’m actually a chicken owner myself, and believe there are so many uses they are providing, it really has been an improvement in my quality of life. This website is always writing up interesting articles, and if you are looking for some more ideas, surf around. I will be answering your chicken questions below if you have any.

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