This Is Why Permaculture Is The Future Of Humanity! Part 2

In the previous post we talked about the historical evidence that outlines why the earliest civilizations had such success with agriculture. This helps us understand what role it has in human society. Because, if there is anything special about humans, it is our ability to think. As we continue to develop, we always continue learning.

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This existence is far different than the type of life path that people 10,000 years ago lived. But there is a reason that we still have a major focus on agriculture in nearly all human civilizations. Every culture learned from the cultures of past and understood the importance of agriculture endeavors. Something that is so integral to the functioning of society isn’t something that we should simply disregard. This is why it is so important to understand literally the importance of understanding. I know that sounds like a choppy sentence, but diagnose it and all human beings are bound to agree.

Just in the last 300 years or so, our culture has developed drastically. We are about as far apart from the people in the 1700’s in the way of life as the people in the 1700’s are from people from over 10,000 years ago. This is to say that society has completely been changed. But have the people of today learned from the people of the past? Considering our current trajectory without dramatic changes, the answer to that is no, we haven’t.

99% of scientists agree that there is some major human caused problems occurring to our plant. The 1% that disagree do say because of a financial purpose.

permaculture in cubsIt’s clear that the ways of this human culture is harming everything around us on this planet. The use of coal, oil, and the manufacturing and using of many chemicals are having a detrimental effect on the planet for the pure purpose of the financial gains of a relative few. The effects of these resources are causing drastic changes in the planet, and it is hard to predict what could occur next. I mean, if Cuba can overcome an oil crisis, then how come the United States can’t?

Using what we have learned from our historical relatives, one of the most sure ways to secure this planet and secure our own personal safety is to start living in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. Our suggestion, is to engage in permaculture.

Permaculture can be done by yourself, or with a community of people.


So why do people believe in the potential that permaculture has?

One of the more common views is that doing so that they don’t have to rely on others for their well being. Much of society is based on the buying, selling, and trading of goods. Large corporations have a vested interest in monopolizing the market for food production. Genetically modified foods, shady fertilizers and sprays being produced that kill off competing foods and relegate the diversity of plants to a select few, and the political powers that are all produced by these large food corporations can easily all be avoided by focusing on your own way of practicing permaculture or at least supporting it.

Advocates for permaculture believe that it is the surest way to ensure your own safety. Like the Ancient Egyptians, they hedged their bets by producing mass amounts of crops so that they had enough food to last a long time, and at the same time, causing no damage to the environment. Not to mention, producing additional oxygen to the ecosystem.

There is also the category of people who want to learn a permaculture lifestyle for the utmost means of protecting themselves and living completely independent. There are people who live in isolation who are well adapted to surviving on their own and preparing themselves for the apocalypse or some crazy natural disaster. In the event of the apocalypse, where the let’s just say it rains for years at a time, how many of us have a system set up that can produce food for us to store for years. Many permaculture people do.

Utilizing free sources of energy such as geothermal, wind, rain, and ocean waves are all able to produce energy to efficiently run a permaculture garden. This also reduces the amount of chemicals and poisonous air and replaces it with a healthy dose of oxygen.

green house farmingI mean, simply take into account of what we could already be utilizing today. The Egyptians with their absolute minimal level of technology constructed freaking pyramids and huge half human half cat sculptures. We have freaking heavy equipment forums that are talking openly about giant skyscrapers that we are building but we can’t figure out how to build structures that can help us produce a greater amount of food, in a safer manner, and far cheaper for everyone involved. One of the greatest purposes of picking up agriculture, is just for the right to talk to people about this idiotic situation we are in.

The way of automation in gardening and practicality seems to be close. We can see in the near future that greater projects would be completed and more learning by the masses of what they can do to change the world. We all have a voice through the internet to teach one another. And we also all the ability to live on our own terms without the help of anyone else. It’s up to each one of us if we truly want to make a difference.

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