Vertical Farms in Singapore (Using tech to localize food production)

Journeyman Pictures

First off let me say that I really enjoy Journeyman Pictures short documentaries, and you should do whatever you can to support them.

The next thing I would like to discuss is why I post this video, and some of the others like it. Some people would look at this and say “That is hardly DIY”.  They are absolutely right and this isn’t posted with the idea that people are going to run out and build a system like this in their yard.

What I would hope, is that two things will happen.

The first being inspiration. For people who doubt that they can produce a meaningful amount of food because of limitations (like space), will see some of the methods others have tried and realize that we can design around any issue. (If we really start thinking correctly we realize we can actually use what we consider problems to enhance our designs… but lets take smaller steps for now.) For people who are looking for a work around or new ways of doing things, I would hope that videos like this may spark an idea that revolutionizes the way all of us are doing things.

The second thing I hope will happen as the result of these type of videos being disseminated is that people will realize that food security is a much more important issue (even in the first world) than most of us realize. I think even more than throwing around dire alarmist warnings, that seeing the lengths that other nations go to in order to try to produce enough quality food locally really brings that message home.

So enjoy that video, support journeyman pictures and get out there and change the world for the better.

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